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Custom keto diet plan: 2020 review

Custom keto diet by Rachel Roberts is an 8-week diet plan based on the keto diet principles and it provides you with anything you need for transition within this period. Studies have shown that many people fail with dieting because they never had a comprehensive plan to follow. This 8-weeks custom keto diet plan has done all the hard work for you. There is no need for you to do any planning, all you have to do is just follow it because this diet plan has already made the plans for you based on your lifestyle, preferences and body goal.

What is this 8-weeks custom keto diet?

Starting a diet can be pretty hard since you have to make all the plans yourself, that is why a good majority of people fail at it. Many  atimes people prefer to use weight loss pills. The 8-week custom keto diet plan takes a lot into research and planning the best meals based on your weight, lifestyle food preferences amongst other things. So all you have to do is follow the information already provided and you will be home and dry. The guide is designed to make it easy to transition into a ketogenic diet with simple meal plans based on your food choices. In order to efficiently help you lose weight this program basically focuses on four principles;

  • Entering a calorie deficit and hanging on.
  • The calorie deficit has to be in a specific optimum range.
  • All calories are not equal.
  • Do not follow an overly restrictive diet.


How the custom keto diet plan works

Normally when we eat carbohydrate, the body converts into glucose and transports into the blood to serve as an energy source for all the processes going on in our body including in the brain. As a consequence fat is stored because it is not being used. And when carbohydrate is taken in excess it is also converted into fat and stored. This is where ketogenic diet comes in. The word ketogenic is derived from ketones. When there is a carbohydrate restriction in our meal, the body turns towards these fat storage as an alternative source of energy. The fats are converted to ketones and transported into the blood where they serve as fuel for the body.  This is called ketosis. Since ketogenic diet contains mainly fatty food, moderate protein and little or no carbohydrate, it drives the body towards ketosis letting it burn up fat storages in the body.

Health benefits of the custom keto diet plan

There are several ways you could gain from embarking on this journey. Some of them are;

  • It helps you lose weight
  • It makes you more energetic because fat used as fuel gives off more energy than carbohydrate.
  • It reduces seizure threshold.
  • Improves heart condition.
  • Controls your appetite
  • Reduces blood sugar

What to expect in the 8-week custom keto diet

8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is a comprehensive system designed to guide you through the process of transitioning into the ketogenic diet while also teaching you, so you know exactly what to do once the program is done. Unlike other systems that set you up on a path that requires you to constantly come back (and pay) for results, this program focuses on providing you with healthy eating habits that you can continue with after you have completed the 8-week program.

As such, you receive an abundance of valuable information that teaches you the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet – from the basic information to the benefits; from the keto-friendly foods to the ones to avoid; why and how to make substitutions and much more. At the same time, you’ll also be learning and trying new recipes that are specifically selected for you based on the information you enter about your lifestyle, exercise, food preferences and goals. So, as you’re working towards your goals in an easy-to-follow system, you’ll also be learning what you need to understand the process and how to keep it going on your own.

You will get the following in this diet plan;

  • An 8-week plan to shed weight that is designed by educated and experienced professionals from the industry.
  • A wide options of food that makes the guide interesting and very simple to follow.
  • A step by step instruction. It’s almost as if you are held by the hand and led on.
  • A diet plan that is tailored to your weight profile and calorie need.
  • A grocery list that makes it easy to gather them.
  • There is also an extra option to customize your meal the way you would want.


Where to get the custom keto diet plan

It can be gotten at their official website here at a very low offer. At the moment it is on sale for just $37 and it is way lower than you would pay for a nutritionist to develop a custom keto diet plan for you. You also get a 100% refund if for any reason you choose to return the guide within 60 days, what more can you ask for?!

Final thoughts: Does this custom keto diet plan work

Absolutely. Customers worldwide have been testifying how good this diet plan is and how much it has helped them. It is a fully personalized program that provides you with easy to use meals and recipes to achieve that specific body goal of yours by eating keto. If your intent is to embark on a research based diet plan that will help you lose weight while still eating delicious food, then this custom keto diet is for you.


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